7 Generations

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by David Robertson

illustrated by Scott Henderson

7 Generations is an epic, 4 book graphic novel series that tells the story of Edwin. Edwin, an Aboriginal teenager, must discover his family’s past if he is to have any future. He learns of his ancestors over three centuries and seven generations. The impact of this journey, and the revelation that follows, will change Edwin’s life.

The books in the series:

Stone (published) 978-1-55379-227-7, $12.95

Stone introduces Edwin, a young man who must discover his family’s past if he is to have any future. He learns of his ancestor Stone, a young Plains Cree man who came of age at the beginning of the 19th century. It is Stone’s powerful story that drives Edwin to embark on his own quest.

Scars (published) 978-1-55379-228-4, $12.95
White Cloud, a young Plains Cree boy, witnesses the death of his family from smallpox, during the great epidemic of 1870–1871. Alone and terrified, White Cloud summons the strength to journey across the prairies to start a new life and keep alive the legacy of his people. His bravery and perseverance inspires Edwin to confront the main source of his despair: the father he barely knows.

Ends/Begins (published) 978-1-55379-262-8, $12.95
This is the story of Edwin’s father, and the residential school saga.

The Pact (forthcoming*) 978-1-55379-230-7, $12.95
In this story of redemption, Edwin and his father reconcile their past and begin a new journey.
*expected release date is Winter 2011

The stories that run through the 7 Generations series explore the following historical concepts of the Plains Cree culture:

  • social customs, including family life, marriage, and subsistence
  • political structures
  • taditional games
  • spiritual practices and rituals
  • conflict

About the author:

David Alexander Robertson wrote his first book, “The Bestest Poems I Ever Sawed,” in grade 3. He received his BA in English from the University of Winnipeg. His realization that education could combat racism and sexism inspired him to write the graphic novel The Life of Helen Betty Osborne, published in 2008. David lives in Winnipeg with his wife and children, and works in the field of Aboriginal employment.

About the illustrator:

Scott B. Henderson is a graduate of the University of Manitoba’s School of Fine Arts. Scott’s many projects include work as a colourist and illustrator for comics, portraiture, advertising art, and most recently, two WWII web comics for the Canadian Air Force’s For Valour series. Scott is also the author and illustrator of the sci-fi/fantasy comic, The Books of Era.

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